Tick Tock

While Friday was an amazing day, Monday was a rather conflicted one. I received a call from my temp agency, and my contract for work at my small clinic was cut. It was nearly six months on the dot. Unlike last time with my retail position, I wasn’t blindsided. There was a chance my contract would be cut, but it was still frustrating.

Instead of burying my head in the sand, I spent the next few days cleaning the house and working on my novels. Despite working on my novels so much, I still have come to a brick wall with all of them. However, I did have one of my favorite quotes come out of it.

“Time is a dangerous weapon and a beautiful lie. We all believe we have more time than we actually do.”

It speaks volumes to me. Life is too short to not do something with it, and if I have a passion in life, why wouldn’t I want to make it go beyond a dream? So, my challenge is this: don’t give up on your passion. Take that class, write a book, fall in love. You may regret it at first. You may stumble and fall, but what if you fly?

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