Does Being a Writer Make Me a Serial Killer?

UpdateThings in my life have been absolutely insane lately. I recently moved out of my parents’ house and into an apartment with three others. Since then, there has not been a moment of boredom in this household. While juggling a new job, a household, and healing from a displaced disc in my back, I have hardly had a moment of peace.

However, I have managed to make my whole household afraid of me.

Being a writer may sound like fun, but it takes research. Lots and lots of research. At first, it started out as small things like how people in a certain country act and talk, and soon it upgraded to how to do a chest tube insertion, a resuscitative thoractomy, and tranquilize someone with carfentanil (elephant tranquilizer). Tonight, I was sitting here researching the latter and found a page on how to make carfentanil. My roommates did not mirror my excitement whatsoever, and now they’re convinced if they make me mad, I may poison them.

Above is my research bookmarks for my novels. You get to decide if it’s alarming or normal.

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