What is a mother?

What is a mother? Mother is just a six letter word, but it means so much more. A mother is a person that is always by your side. She is your Number One fan; she laughs with you, cries with you, screams with you, but most of all, she’s there for you.

Even on the days when it feels like I’m all alone or I’m in a dark head space, I know my mother is just a phone call away. Her voice tells me that she loves me and is so proud of me even if I feel like a failure. I can’t imagine life without my mother. I’m not much of a poet, but she was the inspiration behind a poem I wrote when I was at Ivy Tech. She absolutely loved it, and she still cries every time she reads it:

Kitchen Dance/by Breanna Fairchild
When I was young, I often watched
my mother cook dinner.
She would chop up the onion
throw it in the hamburger with a pop.
It seemed like she was dancing.
Moving her way through the cabinets,
swaying her hips and rags to imaginary music.
It always made me giggle to see her so silly.
I never understood the kitchen dance
until I danced it myself.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma. I thank God everyday for giving me to you. Thank you for teaching me the kitchen dance and how to be an amazing, God-fearing woman. You are my sunshine. I love you.